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DC Mayor's Creative Culture Celebration

DC Mayor's Creative Culture Celebration

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Dorothy Milone is a pop/hip hop singing group that has been an evolving force in the D.C. metropolitan area for almost a decade. Dorothy Milone has won local awards (Titan Arts Award), has had original songs featured on major broadcast radio stations (WPGC 95.5), and has performed on grand stages across the country. The group has used its social media platform to promote women's empowerment, social justice, and world peace. More than just the individuals seen representing the group’s charismatic kiss logo, Dorothy Milone operates as a vehicle that has enabled a multitude of young women to chase their dreams and realize the limitless nature of life’s rewards for dedication. 

A change of face seen representing the Dorothy Milone brand is a true indication that another young lady has taken the first step in trying to strive for something greater in life. Although a group member may not last forever, none can deny the inspiration that Dorothy Milone has provided to other aspects of the member’s life outside of music and entertainment. Dorothy Milone will forever remain an entity that seeks to serenade the masses while promoting positivity, but on its journey it will do whatever it can to aid as many young women as possible, whether they decide to join the group or merely wish to show support from the sidelines.  

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